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T-Mobile Mimics 3, Offers Push Email to All

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Mimics 3, Offers Push Email to All

It's never a bad thing to follow a good idea... even when someone else has it first.

Following an identical move from 3 in September last year to offer push email to all users T-Mobile has decided it would probably be smart to do the same.

Consequently the generally progressive telco has launched 'Instant Email' a push service available to all subscribers with compatible handsets for £3.50pm. This cost covers all email and their attachments with "no extra charges if they exceed the fair use policy". To save dangerous roaming charges the service is automatically switched off when travelling abroad with users asked to 'opt-in' should they still wish it to function.

"Mobile email is nothing new for business customers, but we think everyone should have easy access to their inbox on the phone of their choice," said T-Mobile Head of Internet and Entertainment Richard Warmsley. "All our customers want to be up to date and involved with what's going on, whether they be buying a house or organising a holiday with friends and receiving and sending emails straight to your phone just makes life a little easier. For only £3.50 a month Instant Email allows people to see emails as they arrive without the hassle of logging on or going online."

The only problem is 3 offered this six months ago, charges £2.50pm for all email plus attachments and chucks in 10MB of web browsing. For £5pm the deal includes 1GB for web browsing.

That said, T-Mobile is giving away the first month for free and quite frankly it's a good development, no?

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March 17, 2009, 6:57 pm

unfortunately push email kills battery life as it requires a constant data connection. some email programs can be set to poll the server every 15/30mins or hourly which helps battery consumption greatly.

the three email solution is contantly on with no option to set it to pick up emails every hour or so.

hopefully t mobile will make theirs more flexible


March 17, 2009, 7:50 pm

@pinkllama you say that having the constant data connection active is a bad thing, maybe but i use windows mobile and when i ran an exchange service, which i guess is what this will use or something very similar i had improved battery life over checking my emails over imap accounts set at 15 minute intervals.

This is because the data connection may be active but the actual transfer of data is what uses battery and push email services use alot lot less mb when active therefore use less power to run. If i could find a good free exchange service that went across phones/desktop i would use it but so far only a solution of once can be found.

Lars A

March 18, 2009, 11:35 am

Offers push email to all...

Service will be offered on a selection of Nokia phones from start..

Don't match.

Try a clientless mobile email that works on almost any phone and that supports push email (if the phone do so), www.momail.co.uk


March 19, 2009, 2:27 am

Evidently this addition to their service will be welcomed by many, I am happy for all.

T.Mobile could also make me happy by getting back to some basics, for the last month the voicemail has been dreadful, constant "unable to connect to this service" audio messages when trying to retrieve voice messages, something like 70% of the attempts failing.

I wonder if telcos are biting off more than they can really chew and they then get crashed network services.

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