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T-Mobile Launches 'Pay Once' BlackBerry Package

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Launches 'Pay Once' BlackBerry Package

Now here's something which might warm the post-budget cockles of your heart...

T-Mobile has launched what it is calling the 'Pay Once' package - a deal which bundles a BlackBerry Pearl 8110 and a full year's worth of unlimited data access for a one off fee of £179.99. With the recent launch of BlackBerry App World this is a fairly tempting proposition.

As for the discretionary part that is calls, SMS and MMS but customers are under no obligation to top up with credit at specific intervals or place a minimum spend. In this way it differs slightly from the deal O2 created with the PAYG iPhone 3G as free data and WiFi access was only available for the first year if a certain amount of credit is purchased each month.

As for a quick refresh on the specs, the Pearl 8110 is fairly low end for a BlackBerry device sporting a 2MP camera, quad band GSM (no 3G), integrated GPS, a microSD expansion slot and SureType text input - but it should prove ideal for those looking to make their first step up from a traditional 'dumbphone'.

Likely to be a hit as a birthday present or celebratory gift the Pay Once deal goes on sale from 1 May and T-Mobile admits should it prove successful it will likely expand to include a wider range of handsets.


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April 23, 2009, 11:24 pm

'dumbphone' lol


April 24, 2009, 8:05 am

Dumbphone yep! thats right - my dumbphone is dumb enough NOT to get stolen - no one would want it! In fact, I was kinda hoping someone would take it, then I'd have an excuse for her in doors on an upgrade (the phone that is. :) <sigh>


May 5, 2009, 11:17 pm

Just some additional information: I bought one of these phones under this package and at this time Blackberry App World is not supported. It's possible to install the application, but when you start it you get an error message indicating that the data plan you have does not support its usage. Also, it will be &#16310 a month for continued access after the initial 12 month period is over.

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