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T-Mobile Lands iPhone In Germany & Austria

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Lands iPhone In Germany & Austria

The end is in sight my friends, iPhone stories will soon draw to a close - at least until a 3G model appears...

Today Germany and Austria became the first fully fledged European countries (we're kinda half-European/half American if we're honest) to receive the iPhone launch dates and carrier information.

Unlike the UK - which was dealt O2 - this historically twinned pair have both been scooped by T-Mobile with handsets getting the same 9 November launch dates as we have back in Blighty. Again only an 8GB version of the iPhone will be released (it certainly is global curtains for the 4GBer) but, unlike the UK, tariffs were kept under wraps. Don't expect them to wildly differ though and flat rate GRPS/EDGE data crawling surfing can be taken as given.

All of which makes me feel ever more confident that O2 did indeed agree to given a massive 40 per cent of its revenue to Apple to secure the deal. After all, Apple had previously said it wanted a single pan-European network to handle the product and T-Mobile has that infrastructure...

Details on France and Spain's launches are due any day now which I'll stick on here in an update. I'm done with iPhone (v1.0) stories my friends and this for me is a truly momentous day...


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