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T-Mobile Investigated For Selling Customer Data

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Investigated For Selling Customer Data


T-Mobile has admitted it is part of the Information Commissioner's Office investigation into the nationwide scandal that saw tens of thousands of users' details sold off to rivals and third parties.

In an official statement the company said:

'T-Mobile takes the protection of customer information seriously. When it became apparent that contract renewal information was being passed on to third parties without our knowledge, we alerted the Information Commssioner's Office."

"Working together, we identified the source of the breach which led to the ICO conducting an extensive investigation which we believe will lead to a prosecution," it added. "Whilst it is deeply regrettable that customer information has been misapproriated in this way, we have proactively supported the ICO to help stamp out what is a problem for the whole industry. "

While the red tops are likely to have a field day with this revelation it does seem - at least from T-Mobile's categorical statements - that is was wholly unaware of the breaches in security that were happening under its nose. That said, while it is important to know deliberate negligence was apparently not a factor, the revelation that that was able to occur inside the network without detection is almost as worrying,

Expect this story to run and run and developments to continue to break throughout the month. We'll keep you updated...


T- Mobile Official Statement

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