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T-Mobile Gets Streetwise


T-Mobile Gets Streetwise

In a new service launched today called Street Check, T-Mobile is making it possible to check the strength of T-Mobile’s signal in the locations most important to you before you commit to a contract – in essence a “try before you buy”. You can do this directly from its web site or in-store. Every network already lets you check your coverage, but T-Mobile claims that its new system goes down to a far greater detail level and is much more accurate.

T-Mobile believes, logically, that you tend to use your mobile in three main locations, home, work and somewhere else and as such lets you check three locations at once. The results tell you your expected coverage level for both 2G and 3G calls and shows a mobile like bar level indicator.

When it comes, coverage T-Mobile has long been considered the runt of the litter. This stems back to its One2One days in the late 90s when the network used to shovel inclusive minutes at the people safe in the knowledge that due to the lack of coverage most of them would rarely be able to put them use them. I clearly recall staring at people enviously as they used their phones on the tube platform at Great Portland Street, while muggings here on One2One had no coverage at all.

Of course, these days, things are quite different. The networks are now much of a much-ness and T-Mobile is certainly the most innovative for consumer 3G with its great value Web ‘n’ Walk tariff. In our office, complete with security bars on the windows (mainly to keep us in, not anyone out), T-Mobile actually provides the strongest signal of all the networks.

The Street Checker is a fairly bold move as it means that T-Mobile is putting its money where its mouth is on the strength of its network. It claims to have trained all its store staff to not sells phones to customers in areas of very poor coverage, logical, as not doing so would only lead to unhappy customers and a poor reputation. All in all, another good move from T-Mobile.



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