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T-Mobile Confirms 2nd Android Phone & May 'Cupcake' Launch

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Confirms 2nd Android Phone & May 'Cupcake' Launch

Sometimes (read: all the time) companies prioritise information held within press releases completely differently to journalists. Here is such an example, so let's go at it in reverse order.

Most excitingly from T-Mobile today is news of a second, as yet unknown, Google Android based handset which will hit the network in the next few months. All we get is the solitary line: "The mobile operator also confirmed that it will launch its second Android-based device later this year." What? Where? When exactly? Who knows, it was passed over. Could it be the exciting - Samsung I7500?

Next up is the hugely welcome announcement that T-Mobile will be pushing the much anticipated Cupcake update to G1 users in May. The firmware is to be sent over the air (OTA) so shall have a staggered release but get ready for a raft of features that include the likes of a virtual onscreen keyboard, MMS, accelerometer based application rotations, faster GPS locks and camera operation, video recording, Mpeg4 playback, Bluetooth with A2DP and Picassa/YouTube direct photo/video uploading.

Lastly (so in PR talk: first) T-Mobile has announced the G1 is shifting like cuphotcakes with sales rapidly approaching 100,000 units since its launch in October. This figure may begin to drop off with talk of a second Android handset on the network, plus competition from the HTC Magic on Vodafone and Samsung I7500 but the G1 has proved a venerable launch device for the platform.

Positive developments all round (if the wrong way round) and it's not often you get to hear that these days...


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