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Swedish iPhones Getting Official MMS

Gordon Kelly


Swedish iPhones Getting Official MMS

Oh I can see the pro and anti-iPhone comments now (though the truth lies somewhere in the middle) still, here we go...

MMS - a technology seemingly as dividing as the handset it is most famously absent from (no, not the G1) - could finally be on its way.

According to Macworld Sweden, the control freaks over at Cupertino HQ have at last given the go-ahead for Swedish telco partner Telia to develop an official MMS application for the iPhone. Before you leap to your feet to applaud/applaud sarcastically however there's the inevitable catch: it will only be available in Sweden.

A development cycle of two to three months is mooted and I suspect - though Apple is obsessed with email over MMS (sound in theory, except for all those friends unable to receive emails on their mobile phones) - if successful, it will be rolled out either on App Store or in some official capacity.

Apple, do yourself and favour and just sort it out m'kay...?

In related news The iPhone Dev Team has jailbroken firmware 2.2 inside 24 hours but vitally, there remains no software unlock for iPhone 3G handsets (and yes, 2.2 will relock your phones).

In yet more related news Apple has seemingly broken its own App Store law 1.0: 'Duplicate Functionality' in allowing 'BdEmailer' - an email client which enables landscape viewing (and keyboard input) as well as SMTP, so those with grudges about the native software would be advised to make it over there quick sharpish before Apple changes its mind.

The start of a sea-change? Don't bet on it...

Update: Turns out BdEmailer only sends email, but last time I checked that was still functionality contained in the existing email client...?!


MacWorld Sweden (via Google Translation)

iPhone Dev Team Blog



November 24, 2008, 9:26 pm

MMS, what is it with this anyway. The last couple of mobiles I've used had MMS, and it was useless, everyone I sent an MMS still had to log onto the internet to pick it up. I even sent the wife, who had the same phone & same provider, and it still only gave her a link to a website. And to top it all off, most providers charge a fortune to send them, last time I looked it was 50p (yeah, I'm sure they are cheaper ones, but you get my point). Erm, Email is free & when your phone contract has unlimited data, it just makes the whole point of MMS useless. I'd rather Apple spent there time implementing the push protocol, so things like Palringo can work in the background, rather than wasting time implementing a protocol that has a limited lifespan. I could understand if it was SMS, but MMS. Yuck!!.

m memmory

November 24, 2008, 10:04 pm

Well personally MMS is wonderful

My brother lives quite a way away with his young daughter and, due to the MMS functionality on the phone, me & my parents are able to see how she's growing up and those kind of moments that you just gotta have a camera for to be able to catch it. Plus when he was in America and I was in Cornwall and our folks were in Spain it was the MMS that meant we all could see the great views/whatever else - it's quick & easy (my mum can send an MMS without any problems - an e-mail from her phone she hasn't a clue about)


November 24, 2008, 10:14 pm

I hope mobile email replaces MMS because I think it makes more sense. However, MMS should still be available to iPhone customers as 'legacy' support, IMHO, as tonnes of people I know don't have email on their phone. So, while they can MMS-to-email me pictures, I can't send them pictures back. Just a little app in the App Store that could add some basic MMS functionality would be fine.

Oh, also, it'd be nice if O2 would let us configure an email address for MMS messages we receive to be automatically sent to. Rather than the stupid 'visit x page to view this image' text.


November 24, 2008, 10:49 pm

For those of you struggling to see the benefits of MMS because it is received as a link to visit a website, it's simply because your SIM card / number has not had MMS enabled by the network. The 'log into a website to view the picture' service is an alternative to those with old handsets who cannot receive the MMS or those who don't have it enabled.

Give your network a call (or ask the recipient who gets the link) to ensure that MMS has been activated on the SIM and phone. So long as the settings are in place for their phone, the MMS service is very useful. You can even compose long text messages via MMS that don't cost as much (~15p) as multiple SMS' and are great for people who can't receive e-mails.

Personally I wish the iPhone could make video calls but I'm probably the second person in the country who uses that service.


November 25, 2008, 3:46 pm

Well I've not got anything against the I-Phone getting MMS, but for me if they could get the push protocol implemented, and it maybe be possible for somebody create an MMS App, but without the push protocol an MMS App is not that great. Maybe this is Apple's idea, get the push protocol implemented, and they themselves might use this to implement native MMS.

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