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Super Talent Ships 2TB 1.4GB/sec SSD

Gordon Kelly


Super Talent Ships 2TB 1.4GB/sec SSD

It appears the OCZ Z Drive merely got rivals angry...

Following on from the April preview of its almighty RAIDDrive manufacturer Super Talent has announced units will start shipping in October.

Like the Z Drive, the RAIDDrive is PCI Express based, but actually turns in performance that nearly doubles OCZ's effort with quoted 1.4GB/sec read and 1.2GB/sec writes speeds and utilising 1GB of DRAM cache. Inside are four discrete SATA SSDs and while up to 2TB of storage will be available a 'RAIDDrive Expander' - a separate PCIe card - can be combined to hold up to eight SATA SSDs in total. Yes, we're in crazy town.

Three families of RAIDDRives will be released with features optimised for different market segments: the 'ES', 'WS' and 'GS' will target Enterprise Services, Workstations and Gamers respectively with the first two available in capacities up to 1TB and the GS hitting 2TB.

"RAIDDrive SSDs are a quantum leap ahead of existing SSDs in sequential transfer speeds due to our RAID architecture combined with the latest in flash technology and the bandwidth of the PCI Express interface," said understandably confident Super Talent COO CH Lee. "RAIDDrive shatters previous storage system bottlenecks and sets a new standard in performance."

Technically Lee is only half right here. The Fusion-io ioDrive Duo which we first heard about in March claims to reach 1.5GB/sec read and 1.4GB/sec write. That said, it does target enterprise. As for the RAIDDrive you're going to need pockets as deep as the Mariana Trench since OEM pricing for a 1TB RAIDDrive GS will be $4999 (£3,396). Still, the way SSD prices are falling this will be £300 in a few years. So what will be $4999 then...?!


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