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Stunning Android based 'Thunder' Follows Lightning In Dell Leaks

Gordon Kelly


Stunning Android based 'Thunder' Follows Lightning In Dell Leaks

So could the fourth generation iPhone and Windows Phone 7 based Dell Lightning suddenly have Google Android ducking for cover? Not on the evidence of this trio...

What you see here are the 'Thunder' (above), 'Flash' (below, left) and 'Smoke' (below, right). Again Dell is the source of these 'leaks', but given their collective tastiness I'd encourage the company's board to regularly slip out its roadmaps.

Top billing has to go to the Thunder which, like the Lightning, has a 4.1in WVGA OLED multi-touch display, HSUPA, an eight megapixel camera and Flash video support. No doubt the likes of WiFi, GPS, an accelerometer, microSD and a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU can be taken as given too. Where concerns are raised is Dell's custom UI which immediately rings alarm bells about hindering Android firmware updates in future, but it is measured by native social networking integration and Hulu support. Like the Lightning, it's due in Q4.

Meanwhile hitting the midrange are the 'Flash' and 'Smoke'. The former offers a now sooo-2009 3.5in multi-touch display (though it is WVGA), an 800MHz CPU, 5MP camera with image stabilisation and smile detection, 512MB ROM/RAM, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 (just as Bluetooth 4.0 appears) and microSD expansion. The Smoke matches all of this, but is forced to cut the screen size down to 2.8in (QVGA is mentioned, but it looks higher) because of its candybar Qwerty keyboard. The Flash is also slightly thinner at 11mm compared to the 12mm of the Smoke. Both are again due in Q4 and running Android 2.2, also known as 'Froyo'.

When combined with the swish Lightning, it seems Dell is taking to this phone making business like a certain feathered creature to H2O. All of which makes me wonder what everyone else is planning too. Based on the last week I'd like to suggest all companies 'leak' their roadmaps too...


Flash leak

Smoke leak

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