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Stephen Fry Gives Windows Phone 7 Stamp Of Approval


Stephen Fry Gives Windows Phone 7 Seal Of Approval

Stephen Fry, legendary lover of all things Apple, today gave his seal of approval to the new Windows Phone 7 mobile phone operating system, going so far as to call it 'fun to play with'.

Pointing out, quite rightly, that previous versions of Windows Mobile (as it was previously known) were pretty poor on the usability front, he praised Microsoft's refreshing approach to designing the new software.

Not pulling any punches, he even called out Microsott on its desktop operating system Windows Vista. “There's s*** on my shoes better than vista”, were his exact words.

He didn't go so far as admitting he would abandoned the iPhone all together but he would embrace all and sundry.

We can't say we're quite so enthusiastic yet about Windows Phone 7 but we certainly agree that it's good to have diversity. Competition drives innovation and prices down, after all.

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