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Square Motorola Android Handset Leaks, Froyo Sees 450% Speed Boost

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Motorola's Azingo purchase may mean it doesn't quite love Android as much as it had made out, but that hasn't stopped it coming up with the craziest handset yet to be based on Google's mobile OS.

The 'Flipout' is the first square Android handset we've seen and it takes more than a passing influence from teen targeted handset the Nokia Twist (right).

Despite its novelty looks, the Flipout does actually mean business with a 2.8in capacitive display, 3G, WiFi, GPS and nippy 700MHz processor, though the 3MP camera is fairly standard fair. Motorola has also been good enough to plump for Android 2.1 - the latest version - even though reports are Android 2.2 (codenamed 'FroYo') will be out imminently.

Availability? Talk is of June, but we don't know if that will be UK or US only. Interested? You know what they say: it's hip to be square (yes, I went there).

In related news Bloggers Android Police report that while native Flash support may be the most high profile change to Android 2.2, its tests with the latest developer build confirm something else of great importance: speed.

Using Android benchmarking app Linpack, it found performance on the Nexus One improved by an astonishing 450 per cent. How the final build - and indeed other handsets will respond - is unknown, but it could mark a game changing development from the platform which has already overtaken iPhone sales...

Via HDBlog (translated)
Android Police

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