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Spotify US Launch Delayed - Again

David Gilbert


Spotify US Launch Delayed - Again

Spotify just can’t get it together it seems. In Europe - no problems (except maybe a lack of lossless streaming). In the States - problems. Despite initially flagging a 2009 launch for its streaming service, it appears now American customers will have to wait until 2011 to hear the sweet sounds from Spotify.

CEO Daniel Ek told All Things D the problem is two-fold: “It's a business problem and a product problem at the same time." The company apparently is yet to sign any deals with American record labels yet which could hinder its service a tad considering it is trying to launch a music streaming service.

Spotify offers a free, ad-supported music streaming service in a number of countries in Europe that is attracting some 10 million users, in addition to a paid service that counts around 750,000 subscribers. In May, Spotify announced more pricing options including a subscription service costing only £4.99 per month along with its £9.99 option.

The service in the States is rumoured to cost $10 per month though whether music lovers will ever get to splash out on Spotify is another question. With rumours still swirling around that Apple is going to launch its own cloud-based streaming service, Spotify could end up missing the boat in the States.

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