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Spotify Mobile Phones In Development

Gordon Kelly


Spotify Mobile Phones In Development

It seems Spotify is one ambitious little service...

The hugely popular streaming music company has announced a deal with Swedish telco Telia and issued the following statement:

"Telia will start selling Spotify Premium service to their mobile and broadband customers and we hope to work with them on some amazing new initiatives in the near future. Telia is Sweden's largest ISP and mobile carrier and great match for us, this is a big step towards being able to offer Swedish homes the very best in digital entertainment services."

So far so very run of the mill, but the interesting factor comes from a comment by Telia's head of mobility services Erik Hallberg to Pocket-lint who confirmed: "we are making preparations to launch Spotify mobile phones, which will make it even easier to get started and listen to music wherever and whenever you want to."

Spotify also confirmed similar discussions were on-going in the UK which suddenly makes this all rather intriguing. Whether this would have anything to do with the Spotify / Hutchison Whampoa deal is unknown, but it seems a decent bet. That said, a number of challenges would face any Spotify phones since constant 3G streaming a) kills battery life, b) stops incoming calls, c) will eat up your data allowance very quickly leading to hefty network bills. On top of this 3G coverage on all networks continues to be temperamental at best so the consistency of service may be called into question.

Still, who wouldn't love to see a Spotify mobile? Other than Apple, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, etc etc...

In related news Spotify turned one this week and what a remarkable 12 months it has been. Co-founder Daniel Ek has written an extensive reflection on this time stating "the notion of overnight success is very misleading", dismissing direct iTunes comparisons and promising evolution of its revenue models and continued innovation. He would do, but it still makes for an interesting read.


Via Pocket-lint

Official Spotify Telia Announcement

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October 9, 2009, 3:59 pm

Interesting, tho I guess rather than streaming constantly it will work in a similar fashion to the "offline" mode in currently mobile apps? Assuming INQ are involved since their chairman is now on the Spotify board:


Maybe that means a new INQ mobile, if so please let it be a touchscreen! (surely thei next step)


October 11, 2009, 6:24 am

Spotify is fantastic, so good that now they have closed the free subscriptions I have to put up with several mates 'borrowing' my account on their computers...

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