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Spotify Launches TV Service

Gordon Kelly


Spotify Launches TV Service

Spotify has taken the next logical step in its march towards streaming audio domination by launching on televisions...

The breakthrough comes from its partnership with Teliasonera and sees all the Scandinavian operator's digital TV subscribers in Sweden and Finland get immediate access - as long as they are Spotify Premium subscribers.

"The app gives you access to a streamlined version of our music application that can be used to listen to Spotify playlists on your TV screen via the TeliaSonera remote control," said Spotify's Andres Sehr. "We’re really excited to be bringing Spotify straight into your living room - many of you have your sound systems hooked up to your TV and this is a great way to access your playlists from the comfort of your couch."

So far Spotify has dodged all questions about whether/when it plans to expand the service to other countries. Ties-in with Virgin Media, the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 would all seem logical based on their deals with the likes of BBC iPlayer. Any agreement with Sky for its impending Sky Anytime Plus on-demand service would appear more uncertain given Murdock's boys already run rival streaming service Sky Player.

Personally, I'd also love to see it do a deal with Sonos...

Link: Spotify Blog Post

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