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Spotify Coming to 3

Gordon Kelly


It has been a full 10 days since the Spotify iPhone app (video below) was submitted to Apple for approval, but clearly the ingenious company doesn't have all its eggs in just one basket...

According to newmediaage Spotify is currently in negotiations with data happy telco 3 to distribute a mobile version of its software to the network's entire 4.4m customer base. What is more, nma claims the deal could be agreed before August is out.

With such a diversity of handsets and OSes however how would this work in practice? Allegedly Spotify is prepared to either pre-load the app onto new phones for 3 or provide downloadable versions available online. Pick the bones out of that.

"Conversations are taking place and we're hopeful," said nma's 'source close to the negotiations'. "It might be hard for Spotify to find a fit with another operator because of its existing commercial agreements, such as O2 and Apple."

This last line hints at a possible bump in the road for Spotify on the iPhone but, as this potential deal shows, there is more than one way to skin a cat. This wildly ambitious idea also ties in quite nicely with 3's generally progressive approach to the market as it seeks to win market share from much larger rivals O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

{We are talking to} "a range of partners in the UK" was all a Spotify spokesperson would say. We really hope one of those is 3...


via newmediaage

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