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Spotify App Launches For iPhone & Android

Gordon Kelly


It may have taken more than a week since approval, but the Spotify app is finally live in the App Store and as an unexpected bonus it has also landed on Android too...

"Today we're really excited to announce that Spotify is available to our premium subscribers for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platforms," said Spotify on its official blog. "The Spotify app is downloadable in both Apple's App Store and the Android Market... Launching these apps is our first step at going mobile and we'd like to thank all the people who worked hard on making this happen as well as all the partners involved in the process."

Spotify has set up a 'Mobile' section on its website to offer guidance for those looking to install either version of the handset app and do note the two caveats: 1. That you need to be a premium subscriber (99p 24 hour day passes are available for trials) and 2. Streaming your music over either 3G or WiFi will flatten your battery significantly faster than playing back music located on the device.

That said, offline playlist syncing can be done for those times when you have no signal and my first impressions of the app (on the iPhone) are that it is wonderfully intuitive and extremely fast.

If you want to see the future of music you know what to do...

Update: It seems the Spotify desktop client is soon to get an offline mode just like its mobile edition. A good spot from Pocket Lint notes in the mobile apps new Terms and Conditions that "As a subscriber to the Premium Service, you are permitted to store such cached content on up to three (3) personal computers". This would prove a particular boon for laptop users who aren't always connected to the Internet and takes Spotify yet another step closer to being a genuine iTunes rival. It also makes that Premium membership look increasingly tempting.

Update 2: Sadly Spotify's 99p 24 hour pass isn't eligible for the Spotify mobile clients. This is a real shame and a bit of an own goal if you ask me, something I'll be letting it know...

Here's the reasoning:

A Day Pass doesn't provide any premium features such as mobile or higher bit rate music, it simply removes the adverts for 24hrs." said Spotify re Providing features like "offline mode", etc which store music for 30 days aren't very practical for a 24hr period and it's easy enough to just register for a month if you're interested in testing it out for a little while. We might do more down the road to market the apps and get people to try it out but currently the only option is to register for premium.

And that's not all. Right on cue, Spotify demoed on Symbian (S60):


Spotify Mobile

Desktop offline mode (via Pocket Lint)

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