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Spotify App Hits Google Android

Gordon Kelly


For all the talk about an iPhone Spotify app, the far less judgemental Android Market has already given it the go ahead...

We had seen the Android Spotify app many times, but this submission actually comes from a third party developer using the Spotify open API. The client allows users to search, browse and manage playlists as well as listening to songs on the move. Unlike the official Spotify app, however, it doesn't as yet provide offline playback.

That said, Droidify works over both 3G and WiFi and offers OTA playlist and song synchronisation. Not a bad start/handy bridging client for now.

Notes of caution? Droidify is only at version 0.3.0 so it is still has rough edges. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, users wishing to try out Droidify must have a Spotify Premium account. This is because premium access is required to use any form of Spotify third party app - a status something that is checked when you log in.

Of course, the fully fledged official Spotify client is likely to render Droidify obsolete on its arrival, but it is nice to see a hard working coder slave for months on end to make our lives better for a few weeks before its irrelevance. Thanks!

And yes, that handset is the Samsung i7500 Galaxy and the video is in French. The handset is already on sale in France and developers are French. Comme ci comme ca...

Update: The app has now been pulled after a request from Spotify. Seems a shame, Spotify could have at least let it stay until they got their official app out the door. As I said: a hard working coder slaves for months on end to make our lives better for a few weeks before its irrelevance.


Drodify YouTube Demo

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