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Spotify Adds Sharing Feature & Ups Subscription Prices

Gordon Kelly


Spotify Adds Sharing Feature & Ups Subscription Prices

Spotify may be encouraging investment left, right and centric with Hutchison Whampoa taking a share and Facebook lined up as a potential buyer, but it isn't just sitting around...

Today the ingenious streaming music company has announced a pair of significant developments: one good, one potentially good. The first sees Spotify add a dash of social networking into its functionality with the introduction of a 'Share to' option.

Simply right click on an album, track or artist and the option to 'Share to' will enable your music to be shared with either Twitter, Delicious or... yes, Facebook. The sharing is very straightforward since selecting either of the three options will simply load up the appropriate site in your browser, paste in the Spotify URL and add the selection description. Yes, a similar effect can be done by just taking the 'HTTP Link' and pasting it into these sites (or any other for that matter), but it cuts out a few steps and people are generally lazy creatures.

Secondly, Spotify has revealed it will be upping its annual subscription fee from £99.99 to £119.88. This brings it in line with the standard monthly fee of £9.99 and rather destroys the incentive of paying upfront. Pocket Lint reports this was because the £99.99 cost was a limited time special offer (not that we noticed that), but was told by Spotify:

"For a universal jukebox, and with even more special features we're looking to roll out for Premium members over the next few weeks, this will prove to be great value".

Should Google and Apple finally give the go-ahead I'd suggest iPhone and Android Spotify apps would be the first of these. Potentially open API spin-offs and licensing deals with 3, INQ and Facebook (potentially in the form of an app) all seem viable too.

I'll admit to a deep affection for Spotify, but the next 12 months will be crucial in seeing whether it can take the next step from trendy indie hitt to mainstream player...


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