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Spotify Adds Offline Mode to Desktop Client

Gordon Kelly


Spotify Adds Offline Mode to Desktop Client

Game on iTunes!

Spotify is today rolling out a much anticipated feature which looks directly into the eyes of the biggest desktop media players then stamps on their toes. The Spotify PC client is joining its mobile counterpart and bringing an offline mode. This means users will be able to listen to their favourite tracks on their computers even when they don't have an internet connection. The snag? It's Premium only customers at this stage.

"Beginning later today, Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to select their playlists and set them to be 'Available offline'," said the company in an official announcement. "Those playlists will then be synced to the computer so you can listen to your favorite tunes even if your internet connection goes down or if you're at summer house with no connection at all."

Summer house?! Anyway. In related news, Spotify has also added Paypal to the list of payment methods it accepts from UK subscribers. So if you don't want your entertainment indulgences showing up on the family bank statement here's a sneaky way around it.

The Spotify offline mode will be launched later today and users will be prompted to upgrade their software. If you're looking for further reasons to join the Spotify Premium service then 1) Spotify for iPhone or Android apps and 2) over 800,000 new tracks have been added to the Spotify music catalogue in September alone.

'Update: Spotify has issued some clarification on just how much you will be able to 'download' for offline listening: up to 3,333 tracks on up to 3 devices (for example: desktop, laptop and phone)



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