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Spotify Adds New Sub £5 Pricing Options

Gordon Kelly


Spotify Adds New Sub £5 Pricing Options

With a remodelled Napster cutting subscription costs to £5.99 and Sky Songs priced at just £6.49 (including downloads), it was inevitable Spotify would have to compromise...

This week the popular streaming music service has doubled the number of its paid and free packages to four with the unveiling of 'Spotify Unlimited' and 'Spotify Open' added to the existing 'Spotify Premium' and 'Spotify Free' options.

Yes it sounds a little convoluted, but in essence things are fairly straightforward. As before, Spotify Premium costs £9.99 per month and gives ad-free access to Spotify, its recently added social features, radio mode, higher bitrate playback, the desktop offline mode and mobile client. You are also able to use Spotify abroad - even in countries where the service isn't yet launched.

Stepping down from this Spotify Unlimited hits the magical £4.99 per month and allows ad-free listening to Spotify, its radio mode, social networking and taking the service abroad, but loses everything else including higher bitrate music and access to the mobile client. Yes amusingly 'Unlimited' is limited, but you get the point.

Spotify Free is identical to Unlimited other than a 14 day limit on listening to the service abroad and the reinstatement of advertising and requires an invite from a premium user. Meanwhile Spotify open is also free, doesn't require an invite, but strips away the radio mode and limits listening to just 20 hours per month.

If this sounds complex check out the full comparison graph below. All four packages are available now and if you haven't sampled the delights of Spotify yet I heartily recommend it....

...and no, I don't have any invites left.

Link: Spotify

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