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South Korean Police Raid Google Office


South Korean Police Raid Google Office

Google’s office in South Korea have been raided by the local police, as a result of suspicions that the company has collected Wi-Fi data as part of its launch of Street View in the area.

The Korean National Police Agency released a statement that read, "{We} have been investigating Google Korea on suspicion of unauthorised collection and storage of data on unspecified Internet users from Wi-Fi networks."

Google acknowledge the raid releasing this statement to the Wall Street Journal. "We can confirm that the police have visited Google Korea in conjunction with their investigation around data collection by Street View cars. We will cooperate with the investigation and answer any questions they have."

Various governments round the world have been concerned over Google Wi-Fi snooping, and Google has admitted that it accidentally collected more data that it needed to as its Street View cars drove around the country.

Google only recently resumed sending its Street View cars out in the UK, having removed the offending equipment from its vehicles.

Link: Reuters

Link: Wall Street Journal


August 12, 2010, 9:15 pm

Google heart CIA

see http://www.wired.com/danger...

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