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Sony to Use Third Parties to Make Cheap Vaios

Gordon Kelly


Sony to Use Third Parties to Make Cheap Vaios

Here's a turn up for the end of the week: Sony has announced a line of "division two" Vaio laptops which will be built by third parties to target the more budget orientated ranges from its rivals.

This surprising news comes via PC Pro in an interview with Sony Vaio business group deputy president Ryosuke Akahane, who stated that despite cost savings the range would retain the "taste of VAIO, the style of VAIO".

"We will include new technology {CPUs, GPUs, etc} in division number one first, and then we can learn and we can get the know-how, then we can transfer {the technology} to the products coming from division two," he explained. "The quality criteria itself is no different between division number one and division number two."

Akahane also defended the decision not to introduce a new name for these models, saying "Making a new brand is an investment, it’s not efficient, and also for the customer we wanted to enhance the identity of VAIO more and more and for that having a different brand is not good."

He goes on to say market share was the key driver behind this radical decision, but did not reveal when the new (and potentially impossible to distinguish) "division two" Vaios would launch or which company/companies would build them.

Of course, Sony is no stranger to third party manufacturing. Foxconn famously builds the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 (it builds everything, including iPods, the Amazon Kindle, iPhones, the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii), but this is still a major diversion for its Vaio machines. Whether the move does indeed enhance the Vaio brand by bringing it to a wider audience, or dilute it through cheap imitation remains to be seen...


via PC Pro

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