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Sony's OLED Walkman Gets UK Price & Release Date

Gordon Kelly


Sony's OLED Walkman Gets UK Price & Release Date

The unveiling of Sony's first touchscreen OLED Walkman at CES last month certainly got our attention and this interest has now risen even further after pricing and release dates slid out today...

Not for the first time (and certainly not the last) Amazon is the company to let slip announcing that it will ship both the 16GB and 32GB editions of the 'X Series' within "two to five weeks". The only problem with this is a typical Sony one: cost.

At a hefty £214 for the 16GB 'NWZX1050B' and £283 for the 32GB 'NWZX1060B' the two devices match up exactly with the price points of the ludicrously popular iPod touch range. On top of this Apple also offers an 8GB edition of the touch for a less wallet sapping £165. Can the rather faded image of the Walkman brand compete toe-to-toe? I'll guess we'll see.

For those who do side with Sony however you'll be treated to that beautiful 3in OLED display (something I saw in person at CES and it's gorgeous) along with integrated noise cancellation technology to backup the company's already excellent sound quality. WiFi is in there too along with YouTube support, smartly top mounted physical buttons and a web browser though there's still no news on whether the disappointing 12 hours of audio battery life quoted to us at CES has been boosted. You'd have to think so...

Could the iPod touch have finally met its match? The X Series looks the most credible alternative to date...

Update: Great news guys, Sony now officially reports the battery life as a superb 33 hours of music playback and up to nine hours of video playback. The iPod touch battle is on!


16GB NWZX1050B Listing

32GB NWZX1060B Listing

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