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Sony's Kaz Hirai Talks PSP2

David Gilbert


Sony's Kaz Hirai Talks PSP2

Following the launch of the PSP2 (or NGP as Sony insist on calling it) we were left with quite a few questions. A new post on the Playstation Blog includes an interview with CEO Kaz Hirai which attempts to answer some of these questions.

There is no doubt that we are impressed with the next-gen portable console from Sony. With its touchscreen OLED, serious processing power (ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and a quad-core GPU) and a serious looking games line-up it looks set to challenge the 3DS. However being told we have to wait a whole 11 months until we can get our hands on it seemed like a big tease. Hirai said there were a couple of reasons for this. One was he wanted to share the excitement with us poor slobs {thanks} and more importantly to give third-party developers as much notice as possible to create software for the console.

“To ensure we are going to have a wide range of titles, it is important to us we start engaging in discussions on software portfolios with as many developers and publishers as possible.” Speaking about the longevity of the NGP, Hirai compared it to a home console like the PS2 or PS3 which would seem to suggest the NGP could be with us for some time to come, which may not be a bad thing. “We are providing a very compelling value to the consumer, in that, once they invest in our product it doesn’t go by the wayside in two years or three years but they’re really going to enjoy that particular console for a long time.”

Hirai also speaks about Sony’s R&D prowess and its heritage of bringing exciting new technology to the consumer electronics space and the NGP wanted to tap into that. Speaking about how the NGP will try and compete with Nintendo’s dominance in the portable gaming sector, Hirai said Sony wants to “match the install based of the PSP worldwide, but over and above that, try to go beyond that.” Not exactly shooting for the star but we hope privately Sony is being a bit more ambitious. Hirai points out the 3G capability, the front and back touch panels and the in-built sensors as factors which will mark the NGP out above the competition.

To check out the full video interview, click on the Source link below.

Source: Playstation Blog

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