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Sony VPL-VW40 HD Projector Announced


Sony VPL-VW40 HD Projector Announced

Sony did a good job of updating near enough everything at CES, but there was one small subset of its range it missed out: projectors. Not any more though, because the company has now introduced the VPL-VW40, the latest in a line of tasty HD models.

Importantly the VPL-VW40 is a Full HD, 1080p affair, using Sony's tried and tested SXRD technology. It offers a claimed 15,000:1 contrast ratio, using a dynamic iris, 10-bit video processing and, of course, 24fps playback support. Also present is the ability to project between a 40in and 300in image so you'll be sure of getting a decent sized picture for your hard earned cash.

Also importantly the VPL-VW40 doesn't skimp on the connectivity, so you'll find a pair of HDMI ports, one each of a Component, D-Sub and S-Video input and an RS232 port for connecting to a universal remote control system - which everyone should of course have. Last but not least on the specs front, Sony is claiming a 22dB operating volume so unlike, say, a certain rival company's games console, you can actually hear your media over the player.

It is worth mentioning that this particular model has in fact been gracing US shores since December, but that shouldn't make its passage across the channel any less welcome. Pricing is currently unknown for us fair British folks, but given the $3,000-odd tag in the US, I'm going to estimate around £1,700 over here - although don't quote me on that.


Sony UK.

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