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Sony Updates eBook Reader Line-Up


Sony Updates eBook Reader Line-Up

It seems the leaks were right - Sony does indeed have two new models of ebook reader on the way. The PRS-300 and PRS-600 as we already know them will be coming to is as the 5in Reader Pocket Edition and 6in Reader Touch Edition, respectively along with - in America at least, a price drop in the Sony eBook Store with 'bestseller' titles dropping from $11.99 to £$9.99. Although when over a million free titles are available, buying newer ones should prove an easier temptation to resist.

Both Readers' displays feature the same E-Ink technology which so impressed us in the PRS-505 eBook Reader. The Touch and Pocket Readers have 512MB of storage built-in, enough for some 350 titles and claim two weeks of use (7,500 page turns) from a single battery charge. These latest Readers are Mac-compatible, besting their predecessors; although only until a firmware update bestows the same ability to older models, too.

Improvements - aside from the obvious, such as larger size and touch-sensitive screen - offered by the Reader Touch include the provision of both a Memory Stick and SD card reader, a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones for listening to MP3 or AAC audio, and an embedded copy of the Oxford butchered American English Dictionary. We can no doubt expect a UK version to offer British English, should one be forthcoming.

No UK-centric release dates or pricing are forthcoming from Sony right now, however. Alas, the line from Sony UK PR was: "I'm afraid we can't comment on products that haven't been released in Europe." Fingers crossed, therefore, folks that we won't be waiting as long for these two Readers as we did for the PRS-505.

In the US the Touch and Pocket will cost $299 (~£180) and $199 (~£120), correspondingly, and will be available before the month is out.



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