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Sony Unveils X505's Spiritual Successor

Gordon Kelly


Sony Unveils X505's Spiritual Successor

The world and his wife + dog + fleas remembers Sony’s incredible X505 laptop. At two grand, less than a kilo and thinner than a fasting Posh Spice it was as much concept as consumer device but now it has a more real world successor.

At just 898g – the X505 was 822g – the new Vaio G is within touching distance of its eccentric predecessor and as you might expect of a machine nearly two years and six months newer it packs more under the hood.

For a start the Vaio G manages to squash in a 12.1in screen compared to the X505’s 10.4 inches though surprisingly they both have the same 1024 x 768 native non-widescreen resolutions. A range of Celeron or Core Solo (1.06GHz to 1.2GHz) processors are available though graphics understandably remain of the integrated variety while an 80GB HDD is a major improvement on the X505’s 20GB.

Sony claims an huge battery life of up to six hours with an optional six cell battery supposedly lifting this to a mind blowing 12.5 hours in ‘stamina mode’ though it does carry a weight penalty of 247g. A slot loading dual layer DVD writer can also be added for an 85g penalty though a fingerprint reader, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB2.0 and a PCMCIA slot all come as standard.

Dimensions are 277 x 215 x 23.5 to 25.5mm which makes it a fair bit bulkier than the X505 (256 x 208 x 11-21mm) but with prices starting from just $1,836 it shows how technology has marched on. That said, the Vaio G doesn’t leave me with the same moist feelings I had on first sight of the X505.

Darn first loves…


Sony Vaio G Press Release (In Japanese)


January 12, 2009, 12:40 am

This is the laptop that started the whole Netbook thing off!!!

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