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Sony Unveils PlayStation Plus, Prices & Dates Move

Gordon Kelly


While Microsoft brought us the new Xbox 360 and Nintendo revealed the 3DS things aren't quite so exciting at Sony...

Of course this isn't to say we didn't get two eagerly awaited pieces of news: the confirmation of the PlayStation Plus and availability and pricing for the Move controller.

Because I'm occasionally logical, let's deal with the PlayStation Plus first. This is the much anticipated paid extension of Sony's free PlayStation Network and gives users access to one PSN game, two minigames and one PS one classic title per month. On top of this you get premium avatars and themes, discounts on various PlayStation Store content, full trials of games and Blu-ray titles (they are complete, but DRM restricts them to an hour of playtime).

Lastly automatic downloads have been added so system and game updates can be received automatically allowing everything to be up to date whenever you use the console. As for pricing it comes in at 14.99 euros / £11.99 for 90 days membership or 49.99 euros / £39.99 for a whole year which seems pretty reasonable to me. PlayStation Plus will launch on 29 June.

Next we have some official prices and dates for Move, Sony's Wii-tackling, Kinect ignoring motion controllers. In Europe they will go on sale from 15 September with the Move itself costing 39.99 euros (£33), there is a further 29.99 euros (£25) for the navigation controller and a bundle with the PlayStation Eye, a Move controller and starter disc will be 59.99 euros (£49).

Yes there are some brutal dollar to euro conversions going on here, but with 40 PS3 Move compatible titles coming by March 2011 (and the forever delayed Gran Turismo 5 finally out on 2 November) it will probably be hard to resist.


PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Move

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