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Sony Unveils DVD-Upscaling PVRs


Sony Unveils DVD-Upscaling PVRs

We've seen a few TVs boasting PVR functionality, such as Humax's LP40-TDR1 and Hitachi's Wooo-series but what if you don't want to buy a new set in order to get such functionality? Well then, Sony may well have the solution for you, or two in fact, the RDX-HX1080, and RDX-HXD1095.

Working numerically up, the HDR-HX1080 kicks things off with a 500GB hard drive, which will apparently hold 1,420 hours of analogue TV (at 800kbps if my maths is correct) which is as much as you could ever need - although according to the blurb there are higher quality recording modes as well. The HDR-HXD1095 adds a digital DVB-T tuner to the mix, allowing Freeview content to be recorded. Further to all that, Sony's new players will also up-scale DVDs to 1080p over HDMI.

As well as TV programmes, the players will also store photos, MP3s and camcorder footage. Usefully the players will also rip CDs to the hard drive. If you have a Sony Handycam then the direct digital dubbing function will pull footage off the camera onto the PVR. All stored content can then be burned to DVD. X-Pict Story mode enables the creation of a slideshow from stored images, with musical accompaniment if desired.

If you're interested in green credentials and power savings you might like to know that in standby mode the HD and HDX players only draw 0.75W and that 50 per cent of the parts are recyclable. If that doesn't interest you but pricing and release dates do then you'll be sadly disappointed as none have yet been mentioned. Still, both should be revealed soon enough.


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