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Sony Unveils £3k Bond Laptop

Gordon Kelly


Sony Unveils £3k Bond Laptop

Just what kind of laptop would Bond use? According to Sony, a flipping expensive one...

The '007' (what else?) is a stunningly beautiful thin and light laptop which takes more than a snifter of influence from the MacBook Air X505 and weighs just 1.5Kg thanks to its stunning carbon fibre chassis.

The 007 is as sophisticated on the inside as it is outside too with a 13.3in LED backlit screen, Blu-ray drive, spy-friendly fingerprint reader and motion eye web camera, plus a whopping 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a choice of 128GB SSD or 320HDD.

Naturally the 007 is also a limited edition machine so even if you do have the cash to stump up you'll need to be quick as pre-orders close on 31 October and then you're out of luck. How much cash? A wallet destroying £2,999 for those of you without a licence to kill though you do get the kudos of knowing it's a cert to be featured in the new Quantum of Solace movie (Olga Kurylenko *drool*).

On the other hand the more opportunistic amongst you may be able to pick up this secret service friendly machine by simply monitoring your local train seats...


Sony UK


October 2, 2008, 10:08 pm

Hey, are they the rubber keys from a Sinclair Spectrum??? Wander if these are multiple function, too...


October 3, 2008, 9:17 am

Love the use of "flipping"

I wondered if you had 'the other word' in mind, but of course you realised the double puns available, laptop lid hinges and selling on for a quick profit.

How could anyone think otherwise?

Oliver Levett

October 5, 2008, 12:21 am

Why would you have a fingerprint reader on something that you will undoubtly be covering in fingerprints when you pick it up.

Does look awesome though... Anyone want to lend me a few grand?

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