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Sony Unleashes Wallet Busting HD Projectors

Gordon Kelly


Sony Unleashes Wallet Busting HD Projectors

So how much money can you put aside for a home cinema projector...?

If it is A LOT then take a look at Sony's latest offerings: the VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L, the former cranks out a monstrous 7,000 lumens of brightness and the latter a highly respectable 6,000 lumens.

These aren't the only highlights of this credit card snapping duo however since the 3LCD based models also offer HD compatible native resolutions. The FH300L managing a 720p friendly 1366 x 800 and the FW300L a mind-numbing 2048 x 1080. Sony's 'BrightEra' proprietary (of course) image enhancement tech is in there too.

Economy - at least once purchased - is good as well since the pair use dual 275W lamps with an incredibly high life expectancy of up to 2500 hours. The relatively low wattage also means both models should run fairly cool and quiet.

Surprisingly at this stage there is no word on connectivity, though I suspect you'll be able to tick off the usual HDMI, DVI and RGB inputs.

So what are these knee-knocking, panic attack inducing RRPs that I keep alluding too? You really want to know? Brace yourselves. $27,000 for the FH300L and $40,000 for the FW300L. See, told you it was scary.


You still there?


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