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Sony Talks PS3 Video Store & Firmware 3.0, PSPgo 'Minis'

Digital Reader

Another simple addition and despite the name, not the addition of eBook reading to the PSPgo as might have been rather cool. Instead digital comics - including the likes of X-Men and Spider-Man - will be available via the PlayStation Store. I'm not particularly thrilled by this one, I like my comics made of paper and ink thanks, but I'm sure Sony will make a fair few sales regardless my cynicism.


If you caught the rumours that Sony had something up its sleeve to combat the growing presence of the iPhone and iPod touch as portable gaming devices, this is it. Minis will be available via the PlayStation Store, with a 100MB limit imposed on developers. Currently EA is promising such amazing titles as Tetris and Sudoku, but I'm pretty sure we'll see less frivolous games emerging given a little time.

PlayStation Network Video Store

November will see the launch of the PSN video Store into Europe, with titles available to buy or rent in both standard and high definition. Once started, at least 24 hours will be provided to watch films and any videos downloaded to a PS3 will be transferable to a PSP.

Sony has all the major studios, and a number of not-so-major ones lines up so we should see a decent content library available. The list, for those interested, is as follows: 20th Century Fox, Disney-ABC-ESPN Television, Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Starz Media, Universal, and Warner Bros.

September will see the launch of special "optimised TV websites." In the UK, that means the iPlayer, though no details other than the fact something will happen are available right now.

Let's see what Microsoft has ready in retort...


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