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Sony Stalling OLED TV Production


Sony Stalling OLED TV Production

Sony is delaying its plans to launch a new, larger, range of OLED TVs to complement its (inordinately expensive) 11in XEL-1, according to "people familiar with the matter," speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

Apparently the delay is a result of the rather large losses Sony has been making recently. Putting OLED TVs into mass production would, the WSJ was told, simply exacerbate those losses. That seems like a logical assumption. It's hard to imagine Sony's XEL-1 sales broke out of triple (or even double) digits and with the current economic slow down shifting an expensive TV, even if it does use an OLED display, won't exactly be easy.

Of course Sony does have competition to consider. LG, for example, plans to launch a 15in OLED TV this December, although as it's schedule for larger TV's has 32in models arriving in 2012. Samsung has called its 14in and 31in OLED TVs production ready, but hasn't said when it will actually begin selling said TVs.

For now, then, it looks like we're just going to remain patient a little longer. On the positive side, by the time OLED TVs go on sale, we might all have saved up enough to afford one - even with the current terrible interest rates!


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