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Sony Reveals Six Blu-ray Recorders

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As the main proponents of Blu-ray, it isn't surprising to see Sony pushing the format heavily. Nonetheless, seeing Sony Japan push six new models into the spotlight does almost smack of overkill - not that we're complaining. Especially when said Blu-ray players are actually recorders and, even pack hard drives.

So what do the BDZ-X100 (above), BDZ-X95, BDZ-L95, BDZ-L55, BDZ-T75 and BDZ-T55 have to offer? Well, all six recorders are up to BD-Live standards, offer 1080p/24 playback and can record in HD to their built in hard drives, as well recordable Blu-ray media. All of the recorders also offer 14-bit colour depth reproduction, also known as Deep Colour; not that any content is available - still.

The X100 and X95 pack 1TB and 500GB drives respectively, dual HDMI outputs(!), a USB input for transferring files two and from the recorders and Sony's Digital Reality Creation - Multi Function version 3 video processing chip. The L95 packs a 500GB hard drive and a set of card readers (including MemoryStick, SD and CF) while the L55 packs no such readers and a 320GB drive and both offer a pair of USB ports. Last up, the T75 and T55 both pack 320GB drives.

Both X-series, the L95 and both T-series Blu-ray recorders also offer DLNA capabilities, even working as servers for video and photos stored on their hard drives, allowing other devices on a network (say a PC or PS3) to access that data and play it - funky! Finally on the main features front, all but the T-series offer AVCHD playback direct from a connected HD video camera.

No UK release information yet, but at least a couple of these models should find their ways to our shores. In Japan the X- and L-series recorders go on sale from the end of this month, with the T-series following a fortnight later.












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