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Sony Reveals 3DTVs Launch Date

Gordon Kelly


Sony Reveals 3DTVs Launch Date

If you've read our 3D TV First Impressions, you'll know that there may be slightly more substance to this technology in the home than first appeared (I'm still not a fan). So you may be interested to discover Sony, one of the format's biggest backers, has announced the release date for its first consumer 3DTVs...

In a nutshell: June. This is when 40in and 46in Sony 'Bravia HX803' televisions will touchdown in stores, a range with LED backlighting, 200Hz processing and FreeView HD.

What will have most potential buyers interested, however, is its 3D functionality and the HX803 should be one of the better examples since it not only displays 3D, but can also use 'Simulated 3D' to convert 2D content into 3D. The quality of this footage won't be up to the standard of dedicated 3D, but it's a nice bonus.

Naturally enough at this point the question always comes: 'But what about the glasses?' All Sony 3D TVs uses Active shutter technology which is indeed the expensive kind meaning circa £100 per pair (battery life is approximately 100 hours), though it does produce better quality images than 'Passive' 3D as seen in the cinema and with the LG LD950 (read: 50p plastic glasses). Furthermore Sony will bundle two pairs of active shutter glasses with the HX803 along with the first ever 3D Blu-ray disc, the brilliant 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' and a 3D documentary 'Deep Sea'.

On top of this (and one of the key factors why Sony is so strongly behind 3D), is the PlayStation Network will simultaneously release four 3D stereoscopic gaming titles (Wipeout 3D, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD). Furthermore, Sony is filming the World Cup in 3D, even if its chosen 3D fixtures spurn England until the group stage.

Sadly Sony hasn't put a price on either the 40in or 46in HX903 models as yet, but at least you do know there's a minimum of six weeks for you to save up the best part of two grand...


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