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Sony Releases First 3D TV & PlayStation 3D Games

Gordon Kelly


Sony Releases First 3D TV & PlayStation 3D Games

As the only company on the market which makes Blu-ray players, HDTVs and games consoles Sony's obsession with 3D is unequalled and this week it's providing proof...

Today sees the company's first 3D TV, the 'KDL-HX803' hit shop shelves. It comes in 40in and 46in sizes, packs a 1080p native resolution (dual 1080p to each eye when showing 3D), LED backlighting and Sony's own Motionflow 200Hz anti-blur technology.

Prices will start from around £1,400, but bizarrely it doesn't bundle active shutter glasses which means an extra circa £100 outlay per pair. Sony's first 3D Blu-ray players (the BD-S470 and BD-S570) also launch today with higher end 'HX903' and 'LX903' 3D TVs to follow before the end of the month.

On top of this Sony has also released its first stereoscopic 3D games for the PS3: Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain and a rather limited one track 3D demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Each will be made available exclusively through the PlayStation Network.

Does Sony's end-to-end portfolio of 3D products make adding a third dimension in time for the World Cup more attractive or is 2D the new 3D?

Link: Sony 3D


June 11, 2010, 4:44 pm

Sony say they are putting a lot of faith in the Ipad crowd to early adopt 3D gaming. I never thought I would see the day I would be annexed from technology so much.

Maybe TR could set up a "Budget" microsite for people like me, who are not attracted to such tech.


June 12, 2010, 2:07 am

I guess those Sony 3D TV buyers will have something to see on those expensive TVs now. Still yawn-tastic for me but I suppose it's good for somebody.


June 12, 2010, 11:37 am

I'd just like to point out that Avatar (PS3 game) that came out before Christmas already supports 3D tvs. It actually makes the game go from 'junk tie-in shovelware' to 'let's give it another go - oh hang on, it's 3D shovelware - pretty'. Worth borrowing from a foolish mate who paid for it.


June 12, 2010, 1:15 pm

I am not sold on this 3D thing. I have been wearing glasses all my life and now I am told that yet I need to wear another pear of glasses to enjoy television!! no thanks, I will wait another couple of years until they release 3D TV's without glasses. 3D tv, for this reason, you fired.


June 14, 2010, 5:59 pm

@lucky6877 - I'm with you. Not convinced by 3D at all.


June 15, 2010, 12:41 am

I don't get it (3D TV) really. Most people that wear glasses really don't want to. How many pairs of glasses would you need at home? 5 or 6 pairs maybe, what if a seventh viewer wants to watch, I understand the picture is unwatchable without the 4 eyes. Avatar 3D was brilliant in the cinema, but at home? I am not so sure.


August 25, 2011, 2:06 am

Interesting to look back on these older articles now. 3D TV has moved on a great deal but Sony have never seemed to hit the heights with their 3D TV models.

Maybe that's all going to change with the launch of the Playstation 3D monitor. Looks like it gives a good price option for 3D viewing and playing 3D games, along with new technology that does away with the old style split screen gaming for 2 players.


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