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Sony Release Premium (If Girly) Earphones

Gordon Kelly


Sony Release Premium (If Girly) Earphones

Sony has a tendency to produce products of either stunning beauty or remarkable ugliness and if you've already looked at the thumbnail you'll know where we stand here...

Consequently unless you are a 14 year old girl (in which case what are you doing here? Big Brother's on...) the latest MDR-EX series earphones are unlikely to appeal. Styled to look akin to jewellery (which when combined with actual earrings is going to look beyond tacky) they are actually quite decent deep down featuring 9mm neodymium drivers, support for a maximum input of 100mW, decent frequency response of 6-23,000Hz and a sound pressure sensitivity of 100dB/mW.

Interestingly Sony has also bundled a mobile adaptor in the box but this marginal extra expense is largely the company's own doing since it has been one of the most steadfast in its illogical refusal to fit 3.5mm jacks to many of its phones. Naturally enough - given the plethora of Sony Ericsson adaptors out there too - you'd be wise to see if the adaptor even fits your particular model.

One nice touch however is a volume control - a much overlooked option in my opinion - which is far handier when out and about then dragging your MP3 player/phone out of a pocket or bag all the time. Anyone who disagrees is quite simply wrong...

Scheduled to go on sale before the end of the month in Japan, the Sony MDR-EX's will carry a near £100 RRP (sorry teenage girls) and, if successful, will be adding an extra level of tackiness to our high streets in the not too distant future.

Now back to whatever sub-standard reality TV you choose to kill brain cells...


Sony UK


August 20, 2008, 11:28 am

"...what are you doing here? Big Brother's on..."


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