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Sony Readies 320GB White PS3 Slim

Gordon Kelly


Sony Readies 320GB White PS3 Slim

Want a PS3 Slim in white? Want it with a larger hard drive? Well guess what…

Sony has today announced it will launch a new PS3 "classic white" line with a choice of 160GB and 320GB editions. Matching white Dualshock3 wireless controllers and stands will also be made available.

Naturally enough, the new models will go on sale in Japan first with a launch date of 29 July, no US and European dates have been revealed as yet but given they have already passed through the Yanks' FCC (Federal Communications Commission) it is safe to say the West will be getting them at some point in the not too distant future.

For SKU fans out there (yes, they exist) the white 160GB and 320GB models will be known as the CECH-2500A and CECH-2500B – the current black editions on sale now are the CECH-2100A and CECH-2100B. The white controller is CECH-ZC2J LW and the white stand is CECH-ZS1J LW.

Prices in Japan will be 29,980 yen (£224) and 34,980 yen (£262) depending on whether you'll need that extra storage or not. Now if only Sony had a black version to better match A/V equipment and made the HDD easy to swap out… oh. wait.

Link: Sony Japan Press Release (In, yep, Japanese)

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