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Sony Reader App Banned By Apple

David Gilbert


Sony Reader App Blocked By Apple

Apple's iOS was the operating system to introduce in-app payments but according to reports today, it is looking to lock down the system even further and only allow in-app payments if they go through the Apple Store.

The issue came to light after Apple told Sony it was not going to allow its iPhone Reader app into the App Store because it would have allowed users to buy and read e-books bought directly from the Sony Reader Store. According to the New York Times, Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading division said that Apple told his company that from now on, all in-app purchases would have to go through Apple.

Other e-reader apps from the likes of Amazon and Barnes & Noble are permitted in the App Store but in the case of the Kindle and Nook apps, they point you to a website where you purchase content, rather than doing so in-app. However the complete ban on content brought in from external stores is an unwelcome and surprising development considering, as the New York Times point out, “Apple has indicated recently that it would be more collaborative, not less, with magazine publishers and other content producers that want more control over how to distribute content on the iPad.”

Apple has long been known for its love of locking down its ecosystem of hardware and software and this move will be seen as another step in that direction, if true. Apple declined to comment on the story in the New York Times.

Source: New York Times

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