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Sony PSP 2 Getting E3 Debut?

Gordon Kelly


Sony PSP 2 Getting E3 Debut?

Speculation about a PlayStation Portable sequel have been running since July last year, but if the rumour mongers are to be believed then we could be getting our first glimpse as soon as next month.

According to MCV the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will be the glamorous venue, with the event running from 15 - 17 June.

A 'senior industry source' and 'publisher' are the loose lipped folk revealing this information with the latter alluding to the fact it is working on "the ongoing development of several unnamed titles behind closed doors". Proof? Hardly, but the timing would make sense.

The PSP is a whopping six years old and has already seen two further iterations, the moderately successful PSP-3000 and rather dull PSPgo. Sony also knows Nintendo has confirmed the 3DS - the true sequel to DS - and is under threat from casual gamers deserting the platform in favour of the iPhone and iPod touch.

Consequently it is reasonable to say, even if the speculation is wrong, that Sony should have a PSP sequel very close to release simply because it needs to. Then again, Sony is one of the quirkier companies in the technology sector and the only guarantee is it will do things its own way.

Regardless, not long to find out...


via MCV

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