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Sony PRS-600, PRS-300 eBook Reader Specs Leaked


Sony PRS-600, PRS-300 eBook Reader Specs Leaked

US retailer J&R has seemingly jumped the gun on revealing the specs of Sony's next additions to its Reader line-up, the PRS-300 and PRS-600. The J&R leak comes not long after the Readers' manuals were spotted online fleshing out the available information. The leaks follow Sony adding one million eBooks from Google's library of public domain titles - in addition to the 500 000 Google eBooks already available on the current generation of Sony Readers.

The PRS-300 and PRS-600 feature a 5in and 6in display respectively, with the same 600 x 800 pixel resolution though the latter trumps the former by eschewing buttons in favour of a touch-sensitive screen. That screen means the annotations and highlights can be hand-input on the PRS-600 which also comes with a built-in dictionary and can display images and play (unprotected) MP3 and AAC files.

Both Readers have 512MB of internal memory and feature both a Memory Stick and SD card slot to augment that further. Approximately 7,500 page turns are available from a full charge, giving a claimed two weeks operating duration - fast and/or prolific readers will probably find that notably reduced, however.

Pricing in the US, according to J&R, should be around $200 (~£120) for the PRS-300 and $300 (~£180) for the PRS-600, which falls about in line with the PRS-505. Hopefully both the PRS-600 and PRS-300 will make their way to the UK significantly more promptly that the PRS-505 managed - I'm rather tempted by the PRS-600, I will confess.


J&R - PRS-300 (Google cached).

J&R - PRS-600 (Google cached).

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