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Sony Outlines 3D World Cup Fixtures, Spurns England

Gordon Kelly


Sony Outlines 3D World Cup Fixtures, Spurns England

Looking to try and get your minds off the crushing horror of the Digital Economy Bill? How about some football...

Following news last year that the World Cup is being filmed in 3D, Sony - the company behind the cameras - has revealed which 25 matches will be getting the you-thought-it'd-be-amazing-but-while-it's-kinda-nice-it's-a-little-underwhelming-especially-considering-the-price-I-paid-for-that-TV-and-those-darn-glasses 3D experience. *Deep breath*

1. June 11 16:00h RSA v MEX

2. June 12 16:00h ARG v NGA

3. June 13 20:30h GER v AUS

4. June 14 13:30h NED v DEN

5. June 15 20:30h BRA v PRK

6. June 16 16:00h ESP v SUI

7. June 17 13:30h ARG v KOR

8. June 18 16:00h SVN v USA

9. June 19 13:30h NED v JPN

10. June 20 20:30h BRA v CIV

11. June 21 20:30h ESP v HON

12. June 22 20:30h NGA v KOR

13. June 23 20:30h GHA v GER

14. June 24 16:00h SVK v ITA

15. June 25 16:00h POR v BRA

16. June 27 20:30h 1st B v 2nd A

17. June 28 16:00h 1st E v 2nd F

18. June 28 20:30h 1st G v 2nd H

19. July 2 20:30h Quarter finals

20. July 3 16:00h Quarter finals

21. July 3 20:30h Quarter finals

22. July 6 20:30h Semi finals

23. July 7 20:30h Semi finals

24. July 10 20:30h 3rd place match

25. July 11 20:30h Final

Notice anything strange there? Yep, not a single England match has been selected from the group stage. Slovenia verses USA? No problem. South Africa against Mexico? Sure. Nigeria against Korea? In a heartbeat.

In all fairness England's group is pretty dull (Algeria, Slovenia, USA) and David Beckham's absence will impact our global appeal, but I think we're still harshly done by. Then again, for those who do cough up the cash for all the hardware, do you really want the memory of England going out on penalties in the Quarter Finals yet again to this time be etched on your brain in 3D?

I rest my case.

In related news Sky has just announced the Premier League matches it will broadcast in 3D this month:

Sun 11 April Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United

Wed 14 April Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

Sat 17 April Manchester City v Manchester United

Sun 25 April Chelsea v Stoke City

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