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Sony OLED TVs Available 1st of December


Sony OLED TVs Available 1st of December

Aside from the slight problem it appears to be having persuading people to buy the PS3, Sony is having a rather a good time of things at the moment, churning out one highly desirable product after another - and yet another one is coming soon. Living up to the promises that OLED TVs would be shipping in 2007, the XEL-1 will be on sale in Japan from the 1st of December.

In case you missed the original news(and proof of concept) the technology is one of a few being touted as the eventual successor to Plasma and LCD screens. The 11in set packs a curious resolution of 960 x 540 so it won't be any good for HD content, but considering the size that's hardly surprising. Oh, did I mention it has a mouth watering (make that eye-watering) 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio? And the panel is an anorexic 3mm thin!

The set also sports an Ethernet and USB port enabling connection to a PC for streaming media and an HDMI port for connecting to any other device. As I already hinted, this 11in set seems more of a proof of concept than a real product and we certainly cannot wait for a 108in version (to be posted to the offices for my attention please). For those eccentric millionaires among our readership, I'll reiterate Gordon's sentiments: this will make a great kitchen TV, assuming millionaires ever go into the kitchen, which is doubtful. (...Gordon Ramsey? ...ed)


Impress story (translated).

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