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Sony Makes Slim, Light, Stylish Full HD Camcorder

Gordon Kelly


Sony Makes Slim, Light, Stylish Full HD Camcorder

I do like the style Sony brings to its compact camera and camcorder lines which makes it all the most frustrating that they refuse to see sense and drop their ridiculous (and convolutedly named) line of Memory Sticks. So how about the best of both worlds...

Announced today is the Handycam HDR-TG7VE, a product Sony declares to be "the world's smallest, lightest Full HD camcorder" yet one which it then neglects to say how small or light it is.

We'll look past this rather daft (yet frustratingly frequent) piece of marketing tittle tattle however as records or not the TG7VE is dinky and with goodies such as a large 2.7in touchscreen display, 4MP stills, 10x optical zoom and 16GB of internal memory capable of holding up to six hours of HD footage I'm in little mind to quibble. Of course if you do wish to broach the topic of Sony's troubled Memory Sticks then an expansion slot can see the TG7VE's total memory expanded to a whopping 32GB.

Cleverly face detection is also compatible with both video and photo modes and simplified controls mean no mode dials to confuse its beginner target market. Powering on occurs as soon as you open the LCD with Sony claiming power consumption has been "improved to almost zero" in standby.

Bundled software brings fast Facebook, Flickr and YouTube uploading too while Sony will break out a range of optional accessories including a wide angle lens adaptor, travel cases, spare batteries, cables and chargers.

There's no price as yet but we will see the Handycam HDR-TG7VE hitting stores from May... and by 'see' I mean only if we take along a microscope.


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Jonathan Fletcher

April 7, 2009, 2:25 pm

Very nice......BUT I cannot see any benefit over the TG3 here. I own the TG3 and it a stunning little camcorder, the beauty of it is that you can take it to places where you wouldnt get in with a standard style camcorder. The design leads many to believe you're filming with a mobile phone. I regularly film at big football matches for youtube with the TG3, I wouldnt take a standard palm style camera in.

p.s. The TG3 is currently selling at &#163398 deliverd now at Jessops!! I was lucky i paid &#163420 in December 2008 with &#16360 cashback from sony, so even better deal at &#163360!!

I'm certain the TG7 will retail around &#163600 when it comes out as did the TG3...the TG3 sems a better option for the money.

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