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Sony Launches Two DAB+ Radios [Update]

David Gilbert


Sony Launches Two DAB+ Radios

Sony currently has its fingers in a lot of pies. From laptops, games consoles and cameras to headphones and possibly tablets but it has now announced its first ever DAB+ radios.

The DAB+ digital broadcasting standard currently being rolled out across Europe, the retro-styled XDR-S16DBP and the XDR-C706DBP clock radio are the company’s first foray in the DAB world. The XDR-S16DBP comes encased in a wood cabinet giving it that yesteryear look. It comes with ten DAB/DAB+ presets as well as 10FM presets and you can listen to the radio station of your choice from the 0.8W+0.8W stereo speakers. If you are like us and listen to the radio while nodding off to sleep, the XDR-S16DBP has a Sleep Timer, which switches off after a predetermined delay. It also comes with a standard headphone jack.

The XDR-C706DBP on the other hand comes with a large LCD screen to let you know what time it is and can be programmed with up to four separate alarms. There is also a snooze button and sleep timer and as with its retro cousin, the XDR-C706DBP has ten DAB/DAB+ presets and ten FM presets.

These aren’t exactly going to set the technology world on fire but if you’re in the market for a retro-looking radio or need to know what time it is at all times, then these could be for you. We are awaiting official pricing from Sony but the XDR-C706DBP and XDR-S16DBP are available immediately.

Update: Sony has been back onto us the pricing is as follows: XDR-S16DBP: £80, XDR-C706DBP: £60

Source: Sony

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