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Sony Launches Life With PlayStation


Sony Launches Life With PlayStation

It turns out that when Sony said it was still "pushing some paperwork" before pushing Life with PlayStation that wasn't a euphemism for "don't hold your breath". Life with PlayStation is now available to download worldwide and I, for one, recommend you do so.

Life with PlayStation is acquired by updating Stanford University's Folding@home PS3 application, which it has assimilated. As well as folding, there is also what Sony calls the Live Channel, which provides a plethora of information all overplayed on a real-time updating globe view.

Some of the information available includes "cloud imagery (provided by University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center), along with weather information (provided by The Weather Channel), news headlines (provided by Google News™), and live camera images (partially provided by The Earth Television Network) of nearly 60 cities around the globe".

Whole browsing through this information, music can be played either by browsing and choosing specific tracks and artists, or by using Life with PlayStations automatic categorisation function to play tracks that fit into genres such as "calm" or "energetic". Although expect to disagree occasionally.

Life with PlayStation can be set to start up when the console is turned on - so you can see what the weather outside would be like were you not planning to spend the entire day in front of a console. Integrate an RSS feed reader I can add my own feeds to and I'll be happy!


September 22, 2008, 4:20 pm

Not trying to start a console war here...but from a technological standpoint, Out of the three consoles, I feel the PlayStation 3 is the most complete system. It is a one of a kind because it houses various technological innovations that cant not be found anywhere else as a whole, in one system. Two years from now, am sure that i will still be amazed at what the product can accomplish.

Chris Beach

September 22, 2008, 4:43 pm

Owning all three, I think the PS3 is complete, but the least 'gaming' of the 3. The 360 is full on games, all sorts, with anyone. The Wii is all 'fun', rather than just 'game', but with all the family.

The PS3 is well, not sure:) It doesn't scream play me at all, its all formal and business like. Great (actually the best) blu-ray spinner though!


September 22, 2008, 10:45 pm

reckon the ps3 would have been much more successful if sony slapped on a "vaio" sign on it?

David Hindley

September 23, 2008, 3:48 pm

nice idea but the wii's news channel is more funtional when it come to being able to actually read the news, when you click a news headline it opens the ps3' browser but unlike the browser when directly accessed you can't zoom the text, on a 32" screen its impossable to read unless your right upto your tv, hopefully sony update to fix this as people don't want to strain there eyes.

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