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Sony Launches First Google TV Set


Sony Launches First Google TV Set

Sony has unveiled the first sets integrating Google TV, the search behemoths merger between TV and Internet.

Sony’s new TVs are the second Google TV devices to be announced, following Logitech’s unveiling of its Revue box last week.

There are four TV’s in Sony’s Internet TV line-up, the 24in NSX-24GT1 ($599.99), the 32-inch class NSX-32GT1 ($799.99), the 40in NSX-40GT1 ($999.99), and the 46in NSX-46GT1 ($1,399.99).

There’s also a Blu-ray player that will also feature integrated Google TV, the NSZ-GT1 ($399.99), which can be added to a TV you already have. As you will have noticed these prices are in dollars, as these are initially available only in the US.

All the kit will connect up via Wi-Fi, and will all integrate Sony’s own streaming video service Qriocity, as well as apps from CNBC, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter and YouTube. You’ll also be able to search for content stored on HD DVR’s from Dish network.

In a neat sounding feature, the TVs will feature Dual-View enabling users to watch TV and perform other tasks on the screen at the time, such as Tweeting about what you’re watching. You’ll get an RF Qwerty keyboard controller with integrated mouse so you can search from your sofa, while later this year they’ll be an Android app available which will enable you to control it all from your handset.

The sets will be available in the US from 16 October. As ever, one question. When will be getting it here?

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