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Sony Launches DAV-DZ Home Theatre Range


Sony Launches DAV-DZ Home Theatre Range

If you're one of the average Joe consumers who still doesn't want to jump into the high definition fray, but still wants a decent home cinema setup then Sony may have a solution for you. Sure the DAV-DZ home theatre range isn't going to offer you the level of video quality afforded to Blu-ray - and yes HD DVD - player owners, but it should give you a decent level of enjoyment from your current DVD collection.

Across the range we see speaker auto-calibration, as now found on just about every audio system going, 1080p DVD up-scaling and playback from USB devices. Format support includes popular audio codecs such as WMA and AAC (in DRM-free flavours) and DivX video.

If you have a Sony Walkman the system will rip music from CD directly to it over USB without needing a PC, which is rather nifty. Conversely the system can also pull music directly from a player to blast through the system's speakers, while a 3.5mm jack is provided to allow other brands of media player to be used as well.

The top-end DAV-DZ860W boasts wireless rear speakers while the lower end models are all bundled with wired ones, although all systems are compatible with wireless speakers if purchased separately. All the systems offer a decent range of connectivity, including HDMI and both digital and optical coaxial inputs.

The low end model in the range, the DAV-DZ260, will be available in March while the rest of the models, the DAV-DZ560, DAV-DZ660 and DAV-DZ860W will be available in May. Pricing isn't mentioned as yet, but if you expect that you still won't be willing to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon by that time, then keep your eyes open.


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