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Sony Launches Blu-ray Rewards Club


Sony Launches Blu-ray Rewards Club

Maybe it's because most of us at TrustedReviews are already high definition converts, but I'm a tad puzzled by Sony's newly-launched Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club. It's not so much that the idea of earning 'points' for purchasing Blu-ray discs is a bad one, just that I think having a high definition version of a film rather than a (comparatively) horrible-looking SD copy is reward enough itself!

The implementation, at least, is pretty neat, though. As well as allowing users to use the Sony Rewards website to manage their Rewards profiles, this information can also be accessed via a BD Live capable Blu-ray player. Sadly for users with older players or non-Sony Pictures Blu-ray films registration of discs can't be done except over Blu-ray Live.

Luckily BD Live-capable systems aren't exactly expensive any more; the Samsung BD-P1500 is currently available for some £150. That's only £20 more than the toshiba XE-E500 DVD upscaler - hardly bad value for money.

Once amassed, these points can be exchanged for various Sony products, such as more Blu-ray discs, Sony TVs, PlayStation accessories, or even a PS3. Sony gives 100 points acquired for every disc registered which, to give an example, means you'd have to buy 400 Sony Pictures films before you could get a pair of PFV-V1 headphones. Each registration also gives an entry into a draw to potentially win a Sony HDTV.

The catch? Currently the deal is US only which is no good for those of us living in the UK. Nonetheless, it's still interesting to hear Sony is starting to push the BD Live concept more heavily. And you never know, the club might come to the UK if we're lucky.


Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club.

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