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Sony Flaunts NXCAM HD 35mm Camcorder

David Gilbert


Sony Flaunts NXCAM HD 35mm Camcorder

Sony has announced it is developing a new type of E-mount interchangeable lens camcorder for professional use that is equipped with a Super-35mm equivalent large format CMOS sensor.

While this new addition to Sony’s professional NXCAM line won’t be available until the middle of 2011, it doesn’t stop us taking a look at it and drooling over its very big lens. This is Sony’s latest foray into the entry-level segment by providing an affordable yet highly capable professional camera. The sectors Sony will be targeting for this for device will include independent film, music video and corporate communications who are looking for the cinematic look.

The NXCAM HD camcorder will be equipped with a Super-35mm equivalent sensor, a widely used stock size in the film industry that is perfectly designed for capturing motion picture. This new sensor will be able to create rich ‘Bokeh’ effect (you know the one, where everything else except the main character goes all blurry) that is, according to Sony, “perfect for artistic story-telling in motion picture.”

Thanks to the adoption of the E-mount interchangeable lens system that is identical to the alpha-series NEX-5, 3 and Handycam NEX-VG10, the E-mount lenses will be compatible with this new professional camcorder. The recording format for this new HD camcorder will be AVCHD – the same format as the professional HXR-NX5 “NXCAM” camcorder.

Not confirmed date or price point has yet been announced but we will be keeping a close eye on things and report any updates.


November 20, 2010, 9:06 pm

Id die to get my hands of one of these!

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